" My opera is only a humbly glorification of Divinity, as effect of my total kowtow in front of the incommensurability, splendour, eternity, creation and His mysteries. " - Panaite Chifu.






                                                                " A T M O S P H E R I C    S C U L P T U R E "

                                               (preview of the concept on a national and international level, 2009)




      Human being has always been greatly fascinated by any type of objects appearing in the vault of heaven such as: kites, balloons, lampions, airships, planes, shuttles, various constructions differently connected to the ground, as opposed to rare compositions of clouds displaying marvellous chromatics.


     I have been dealing with this three-dimensional matter for more than 40 years, pondering over the elevation of this human emotion that could be considered somehow strange, as it is nothing but the far-reaching obsession for flying and escaping to another world. That determined me to find solutions for objects to perform the expected role.

   These objects designed by the artistic rules, are clearly intended to enrich the space of populated areas, cities, villages.

I learnt that nothing could be more appropriate than a new type of sculpture to be elevated into the atmosphere.Thus, by experimenting, I reached what I call ATMOSPHERIC SCULPTURE. 

      The atmospheric sculpture will be conceptually different from what we know about the past and present sculpture. Furthermore, no analogy between the atmospheric sculpture and the previously mentioned objects is possible, as the latter have no artistic purpose or structure, fulfilling different destinations.

      This kind of sculpture will not be displayed in the classical way such as: on sockets, in sculpture-designated parks or green areas, in cities... but installed at a height of at least 1km in the atmosphere, being larger than 100m in size. It creates a spectacular display over a wide area to be admired by hundreds of thousands viewers at the same time. Nowadays, this seems impossible or rather queer.
      The positioning of an atmospheric in the height sculpture requires a different type of design, considering that it will no longer be admired on a horizontal or oblique plane but on a vertical or oblique-vertical one. Therefore, everything will have to be reconsidered using the artistic experience, knowledge, talent and intelligence in such a way that compositions become visible from sides, especially from the bottom up, an issue which has never been debated by previous creators.

Being rather invisible to the viewers, the socket bears no significance for the classical sculpture but in the new setting, it becomes of the outmost importance.                                                                                                                       

      Since this kind of sculpture will be displayed only in the atmosphere, its own chromatics, its special light and transparent texture compel to a new type of relationship between the sculpture and its displaying environment.

Heavy materials and chromatics have to be avoided as they could rather disturb and induce panic among the viewers, eventually leading to rejection of this type of art.

     The works of art will be accompanied by chromatically different, interchangeable dynamic sources of light.

Musical sounds or especially chosen musical composition as well, will be aesthetically considered to match with the sculptural ensemble that will incorporate them obtaining diverse effects: either static or dynamic, in a translating, rotating or any other different movement.

These all should be taken under careful consideration in order to obtain only a positive, non-aggressive effect.They should be relocated to other public places, city or country ensuring more diversity to the same places.

The light fields could be obtained by using guided photonic sources, various chromatic reflective powders relating to the solar light, especially conveyed to the gravitational field of the work and coloured gases contained in transparent recipients...

                                                                                                                            (simulation of an atmospheric sculpture)

      The distribution into the atmosphere is based on the artistic relationship with the city environment, aiming a form of empathy between buildings, parks, lakes, seas on one hand and the atmospheric concept on the other hand. For example, such a work of art could be admired at a given height above the water, at the shore of the Black Sea. This should enrich the environment, enhancing the state of admiration, joy, mystery, the desire to decrypt the message by incorporating something from the structure and energy of the sea.

These works will intentionally bear no title (by any informative means).

My intention is to maximize the state of curiosity and mystery, hoping on the viewers' interest in decrypting and seeking for the conceptual meanings...
Heavy materials are usually used for sculpting, which arises huge technical problems to the new type of sculpture that I am introducing.

      It is nonsense to create expensive compositions that wouldn't justify man's desire for show. Therefore, I launch here this idea based on the future technical development of our civilization in which I strongly believe.

I hope that the collaboration between artists and engineers, as it is already happening, will lead to discoveries in the field of defeating the gravity force.

      Sustainable, long-lasting energy sources can be found along with new materials not subject to the gravity force (either obtained by research on earth or why not, even extra-terrestrial) so that each work of art could have its own anti-gravitational field. Throughout conducted fluxes of newly discovered forms of energy, objects will be kept floating in the atmosphere statically, dynamically or according to the intended purpose.

      The future, implying even more discoveries that we can't even think about yet, gives me even more confidence in the possibility of building these atmospheric sculptural compositions. I am counting on the preservation of our spiritual genetic core which will not face such considerable changes as the technical domain, in such a way that the need for an artistic environment may disappear.

I sense that more advanced worlds from within or outside our own galaxy, have certainly already built a variety of things based on artistic thoughts. If we look through our human-like aesthetic sense of beauty, we will observe, in spite of the laws of Physics, that the Universe is created alike.

                                                                                                                            (simulation of an atmospheric sculpture)

      Wouldn't God create in other more advanced worlds as He does through us, since art is of Divine origins? If He does create, then what forms of expression, construction, what materials and energy He uses and what kind of chromatics? I strongly believe that in certain worlds as well as in our future one, He does it through ARMOSFERIC SCULPTURE too.
Guiding my thinking and imagination towards this type of sculptural construction, I proceeded to the graphic representation of some possible compositions, true to the aesthetic requirements of joining the atmosphere with such material constructions.

These are, in a way, suggestions from the past to possible future works. Hoping for a positive reaction from those with the right sensitivity to such constructions, I managed to set up a little exhibition of atmospheric sculptures.

Some people would say that my thinking is useless since holograms are already used. I doubt it the impact will the same! Knowing that we speak about a hologram, we will perceive it as a work of art on TV or at the cinema. I am counting on the real-life human being's need for authenticity.

We need to admire a genuine work of art, not its photographic reproduction, we prefer the theatre as it is alive and concerts in their specifically designated halls as we don't appreciate a recording as much.

Human being, as a precise creation endowed with intelligence and emotion shouldn't end up searching for its feelings in a virtual world.

      We should detect in the proposed type of sculpture a complexity of aspects, not just aesthetic, plastic but also ideological, even cosmically anthropologic, extrapolating the emotions towards other worlds.

Decrypting the message of these mega sculptures from the beginning may not be easy but the reward of the emotional and rational effort will be significant.

We could righteously ask ourselves whether the sky should be left as it is. But how can we accept the idea that we gladly follow airplanes appearing in the clear blue sky either joyfully analyse thick clouds when they gather in a game of colour and solar rays, looking for resemblances to familiar shapes... ( Not to forget that a clear blue sky is barely observed! )

Therefore, we should acknowledge the effect of such an artistic construction specifically designed to marvel us with its display, uplifted to the category of a celestial artistic show.

      The maximum effect is reached on a clear sky but under windy, cloudy conditions, artificial clearing of the sky will be performed with technology that is already available nowadays.

                                                                                                                            (simulation of an atmospheric sculpture)

When building this atmospheric sculpture could be made possible, people will certainly encounter different forms of the Universe and they will feel the urge of a life in a different planetary environment, why not in space, influencing it aesthetically, according to their knowledge level and spiritual emotions.

      I am stating this under the strong belief that beauty is a matter of value, part of our mysterious spiritual genetic code upon which only God could interfere.

My artistic thought is the expression of someone's potential due to the technical level of the world in which he is living at that time.

I would love so much to be able to see an atmospheric sculpture accomplished with the artistic level of 300 years later from now! Knowing that God does not mix His worlds and He has a clear plan based on a logic we, mortals cannot comprehend, being here and now, let us seek for ways to understand and master the matter and its energies from within and outside.
I have to mention that I haven't looked for the New at all costs, which is quite fashionable nowadays.

      I intend to challenge, to urge from the past, the future artists and engineers to collaborate in creating atmospheric sculptural works.

All these thoughts came naturally as a result of my considerations on Terra, civilization, Universe as I imagined them in the future and as a reward in the form of the emotions that I have experienced and still do.

These emotions and desires will kindle until my great journey to other worlds or different temporal moments of this world where I will be the creator of ATMOSPHERIC SCULPTURES.

                                                                                                                                                   (atmospheric sculpture)



Panaite Chifu is born in Silistea Gumesti, Romania on 24 may 1953 and graduates Insitute of Fine Arts "Nicolae Grigorescu" from Bucharest, section sculpture, promotion 1979.
Has the art studio in Bucharest and his art is based on stone, bronze, wood and iron, as we can see in the following presentation.



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          (A walk through the exhibition "MYSTIKOSMIDEA", 22.09.2015 - room "Theodor Pallady" of Romanian Academy Library)